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Merungle has a large range of females for sale. Below you will find a featured selection. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you like a full listing of animals available or any further information.
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Featured Females
Merungle Nivid GGY Peruvian Tessay
Merungle Nivid IAR-55836 DOB-07/04/2003 Colour-Solid White
Sire - ILR PPPeruvian Legend sw
Dam - Merungle Divino sw
GGY Peruvian Tessay IAR-15268 DOB-10/02/1997 Colour-Solid Light Fawn Sire - Unknown Peruvian
Dam - Unknown Peruvian
Cria - DOB 05/05/2007 - solid white male. Sire-ILR Peruvian Don Julio sw. A great Legend dam with white Peruvian genetics, well grown, strong bone structure and great coverage.
Rejoining to ILR PPPeruvian Legend - May/June 2007
Cria - DOB 01/05/2007 - Light Fawn female Sire - ILR PPPeruvian Legend. An older Peruvian who has a proven track record. Will separate
Rejoining - May/June 2007
KC Lourdes May K.C. Pieta's Pride
KC Lourdes May IAR-49167 DOB-08/05/2005 Colour-Solid Sire - ILR Peruvian Don Julio sw
Dam - K.C. Lourdes Legend sw
K.C. Pieta's Pride IAR-49168 DOB-08/05/2005 Colour-Solid Sire - ILR PPPeruvian Legend sw
Dam - K.C. Pluro's Pieta sw
Great line with some special genetics. Impressive fleece, coverage and conformation. Is in our May/June breeding program after missing the Spring program because of fires & drought.
This Pluro grand daughter, Legend daughter is rare plus it comes in such a high quality female that is not often on the market. Great fleece, well grown. Fleece stats. available soon.
Joining to ILR Peruvian Don Julio sw - May 2007
Merungle Gypsy Zip Yurnga Maffco Girl
Merungle Gypsy Zip IAR-55846 DOB-13/03/2004 Colour-Medium Fawn
Sire - ILR Peruvian Don Julio
Dam - Merungle Gypsy Romance
Merungle Maffco Girl IAR-66.26 DOB-18/04/2002 Colour-Medium Brown Sire - Yurnga Denmarham Lion Heart
Dam - Yurnga Jenny
A well grown female who is now confirmed pregnant to Merungle Hot Chili rg. One of my favourite lines. Has grey and Purrumbete bloodlines on both sides. Would suit someone interested in colour , quality and reliability.
A young, reliable proven breeder who has just had her 2nd cria - a solid light fawn female DOB 28/04/2007
Rejoining to Merungle Hot Chili rg
June 20075

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