For Sale - Yearlings

Merungle has a large range of yearlings for sale. Below you will find a featured selection. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you like a full listing of animals available or any further information.
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Featured Yearlings
Merungle Chicargo Peace Merungle Prancer
IAR 55777 Light Fawn Female DOB 17/12/2005
Sire – Illawarra Walter mf
Dam – Merungle Buff Beauty mf
G’SIRES – ILR Peruvian Don Julio & Prestige Valentino
IAR 55769 Solid Medium Fawn Female DOB 08/05/2005
Sire - ILR Peruvian Don Julio
Dam –Amberdale Carousel
Joining June 2007
Last Joining Date -
Breed up female. Great starter if your priority is reliablity.
Joining to - ILR PPPeruvian Legend sw Last Joining Date - 20/11/2006
GGY Dawn Breaker Yurnga Alice
GGY Dawn Breaker IAR-113628 DOB-1/11/2005 Colour-Solid White
Sire - Merungle Hot Chili rg
Dam - GGY Dawn Beauty sdf
Yurnga Alice IAR-66029 DOB-12/05/2005 Colour-Solid white
Sire - ILR PPPeruvian Legend
Dam - Yurnga Isabelle
Great female. Well grown from one of our most reliable breeding lines. Can only be an asset
Joining June 2007
Grandsire is Jolimont Sculptor, Northerly View is an impressive, well grown female.
Joining to - ILR Peruvian Don Julio Last joining date - 07/05/2007

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